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Application: All Flex’s CatheterFlex™ can help reduce catheter assembly time by up to 90%. Disclaimer: With technology advancing and catheters requiring more enhanced features, assembly time for these devices is going up. All Flex has been working with several...

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Application: What Tooled methods to use when excising parts from a panel. In the flexible circuit and flexible heater industry parts are processed in panel form through the majority of the build process to help keep unit prices low. When it comes time to remove the...

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All Flex June 2020 White Paper  Background All thermal systems for analytical equipment need some form of control, usually an embedded sensor in a metal heatsink or a Surface Mount Device (SMD). The question of how does one compare to the other is often asked....

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Aluminum Backing for Flexible Heaters

Polyimide Flexible Heater Design Tips   Question: Why should you put an aluminum backing on a polyimide heater? There are two main reasons: 1. To improve the life and reliability of the heater. 2. To help retain shape when applied to curved surfaces. (This Tech...

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